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Dec 1 '17 | By Admin
Which dating apps are no new and most popular at this time. Here’s a list of all best  new dating apps:


 Hooks you up with friends or friends on Facebook, so basically saves your pals playing matchmaker – and thus avoiding the blame when it all goes ass-to-the-mat. Upside: that hottie you always change saucy looks with at friends’ weddings might finally be yours. Downside: they’ll still be at all future weddings once you inevitably lose interest.


Looks like there really is no more Mr Nice Guy, as Bumble’s efforts to filter out the creeps have been rather too successful. Bumble’s USP was that guys can express an interest but only women can start the conversation, but my spies tell me the thing is… they’re not. So oodles of guys are sitting and waiting for a reciprocal hello. All those still on the app are banterless voids and most of the women are sick of doing the chatting up and have decamped to other apps to be wooed.


Uses your Facebook friends list and allows you to tell them you want to sleep with them. Isn’t that just drunk texting?

And of course dating app This free dating app is free to use. Simillar to tinder just with more funkcions. Here you chat without any limitation. Earn credits, spent them on 'hotlist', chat with boys and girls for free, search people near you. 


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