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The thing about casual dating is for it to work it must go both ways. You can’t give yourself complete freedom to date other women yet force the girl to be exclusive only to you. This creates an unbalanced and unhealthy relationship that’s more about control than anything else. It’s the type of arrangement that’s likely to create a lot of drama before it comes crashing down. So before you start looking for casual relationships ask yourself, are you really okay with the women you date going out and potentially sleeping with other guys? If so, then go ahead and enjoy your casual relationships. If not, it’s a red flag that casual dating isn’t for you.

Before deciding on whether to seek serious or casual relationships take some time to think about what you truly want. If you could rub a magic lamp and get the any relationship you desired, what would it look like? Would you want the excitement of running from one woman to the next? Or would you want that one steady, reliable girl who’s devoted only to you? There’s no right answer here, the point is to get clear on exactly what it is you want. That way you can go out and get it. While figuring out what kind of relationship you want it’s also important to figure out why you want that type of relationship. Do you want a serious girlfriend? Or do you tell yourself that’s what you want because it’s what society/your family/your friends tell you to have? Is casually hooking up with random women truly how you want to spend your time? Or do you just feel pressure to try and keep up with your buddies? These are important questions to answer before deciding what kind of relationship to pursue. In the end you want to make sure you’re doing what you want and not fulfilling the wishes of others.

Islam is the second largest religion worldwide. It seems that the percentage of Muslims is almost same as the amount of Christians across the world. For many of them being Muslim is something that creates choices in different fields, even in love one. When it comes to love and relationship, Muslim people find it as a great hardship to meet proper partner for further marriage. In many cases all families are involved in finding candidate for marriage. Young Muslims are trying to take this case by own hands and look for an idea match themselves. Since it’s not an easy task, online dating becomes more and more helpful. What’s more developers around the world had been seeing relationships problems along Islamic culture and created a specific dating mobile applications related to Muslim dating. It’s a great, easy and free way to meet potential partner while searching through your own criteria.

1.Minder is first application we would like to discuss. Minder is dedicated to help in connect progressive, smart, fun, and interesting Muslims with each other. It’s a global application so you can meet people even from the other side of globe. It’s efficient and time saving. You can meet and greet only the ones who caught your attention. It’s safe since through privacy settings you are able to display only your name and picture. It’s pure fun since there’s no place for failed dates and lost hopes. Finding a match is easy. All you need to do is swipe right for yes or left if you’re not interested. If the both of you swipe YES, then it’s a match and you can contact this person as soon as possible. It’s a Halal application available for Android and iOS.

2.Salaam Swipe is the Islamic version of Tinder (best worldwide dating app). It’s a life time changing application where you can meet ideal partner for further marriage. Salaam Swipe is easy and safe app recommended in few publications like: Toronto Star, International Business Times and Al Arabiya. Match matching tool works same as in Tinder. Swipe right or left for having a match or not being interested in particular person. So far Salaam Swipe is available only for iOS devices.

3.Muzmatch is a perfect application for single Muslims across the world who are looking for partner and marriage. It’s completely free and revolutionary way to meet somebody interesting. Giving you unique privacy and location based matching just to be sure you will find ideal match. Swipe to like, add pictures, edit profile and have an instant messages chat are the only few of features to enjoy and play with. Making your parents and relatives involved in dating to keep traditions is possible as well. Muzmatch had been mentioned in few publications like: BBC Radio, Mirror, Business Week and Manchester Evening News. Muzmatch is available on Android and iOS devices.

Here is the list of android dating apps you should try:


Not a huge fan of meeting random strangers online? Try Hinge, which allows you to meet friends in your social circle. Using your Facebook network, Hinge pairs you with friends of friends to find someone who isn’t a total stranger. Once a day, you’ll receive a select list of about 20 matches on which you can swipe Yes or No. If a mutual connection is made, the option to chat opens up in the app. Pro-tip: The app announced earlier this year that it will start to display Facebook relationship statuses on Hinge profiles, so you can filter out the cheaters. - This android dating apps is free to use. It is simmilar to tinder, just with more funkcion. You can earn and spent credits by adding your self to 'hotlist', chat for free, match new people near you, check your guesst list, bookmarks and compatibility. You also are free to search people near you and write them without any limit.

Coffee Meets Bagel

For those feeling overwhelmed by the infinite number of potential partners, we suggest trying Coffee Meets Bagel. The app favors quality over quantity by presenting you with only one match (a “bagel”) every day at noon. Like Hinge, the app obtains your Facebook information and connects you with friends of friends in your network. Somewhat similar to Bumble’s timeframe, users have but 24 hours to “like” or “pass” before their match expires. If both parties “like” their match, chatting capabilities open up. Bonus: Coffee Meets Bagel offers discounts for a first date at a local restaurant or coffee shop, if you found your date through the app.

Which dating apps are no new and most popular at this time. Here’s a list of all best  new dating apps:


 Hooks you up with friends or friends on Facebook, so basically saves your pals playing matchmaker – and thus avoiding the blame when it all goes ass-to-the-mat. Upside: that hottie you always change saucy looks with at friends’ weddings might finally be yours. Downside: they’ll still be at all future weddings once you inevitably lose interest.


Looks like there really is no more Mr Nice Guy, as Bumble’s efforts to filter out the creeps have been rather too successful. Bumble’s USP was that guys can express an interest but only women can start the conversation, but my spies tell me the thing is… they’re not. So oodles of guys are sitting and waiting for a reciprocal hello. All those still on the app are banterless voids and most of the women are sick of doing the chatting up and have decamped to other apps to be wooed.


Uses your Facebook friends list and allows you to tell them you want to sleep with them. Isn’t that just drunk texting?

And of course dating app This free dating app is free to use. Simillar to tinder just with more funkcions. Here you chat without any limitation. Earn credits, spent them on 'hotlist', chat with boys and girls for free, search people near you. 

 FruzoFruzo is much more than just another video chat service. It is a unique online dating social network where users can connect through their current Facebook profile or create a completely new profile just for this network. Here, the user can find a potential match, follow and make friends and, of course, video chat.There is a search function to find connections by age, gender, location, or keyword. Users can also upload and scroll through unlimited pictures. Since Fruzo can be used on your mobile device, the service can be accessed from virtually anywhere.

These guys are taking social networking to a new level by allowing users to have video chats with up to three people at a time. FaceFlow offers "free video chat & video conferencing with your friends, directly on your web browser," but you can also choose to talk with strangers. Users can now create a searchable profile and are encouraged to share their favorite pictures and YouTube videos.

Beyond being just another webcam chat service, this site is more in line with the great services offered by Skype. It offers text and one-on-one video chats. And to make things more interesting, FaceFlow has released a multiplayer game called Flappy which looks pretty tough.

There are many chatting sites where people can meet. Many are styled like forums or bulletin boards where people post comments and then come back later to see if anyone has responded. There are many sites, however, that facilitate real-time exchanges that are as close to face-to-face conversations as you can get online.

One of the most popular sites is called Omegle, where members converse via video, audio, or just plain text. It’s a great place to meet random people and just pick up a conversation with a complete stranger. But as is true with most big sites, Omegle has become overpopulated.Below, you'll find several real-time chat sites like Omegle where you can connect with new friends.

2. Tinychat

TinyChat is of the largest voice and video chat services on the Internet today. The company boasts that users produce a combined 5 million minutes of airtime per day. There you will find thousands of chat rooms, even some that were started by people in your local area, and if you don’t find a topic you like, you can create your own.

2. Chatroulette

Chatroulette is a webcam-based chat service that has the unique approach of pairing users with random strangers. It's supposed to be like playing Russian roulette, only instead of dueling with a gun, you parry verbally via typed messages and/or webcam, and if you say or do something your partner doesn't like, they leave the chat ("kill" the conversation).

3. ChatRandom

Chatrandom has some big goals, one of which is to become a household name like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. This is another webcam site that pairs a user up with another random user. It came into existence as an alternative to Chatroulette because that site was changing the rules too often.

Chat is the primary way we talk to friends and family today. And increasingly, it's how work gets done. Today's best team chat apps help organize team conversations about multiple topics, search through your company archives to see if a question's already been answered, and speed up with with bots and integrations that bring apps into your chats. They've become the default way many teams talk.


Slack's the 900 pound gorilla in the room, the team chat app you've most likely heard of and tried already. Launched in mid 2013 by the team that built Flickr, it's become one of the most popular ways to chat in groups.

Google Hangouts Chat

It'll pull Google Docs files and Google Photos pictures right into your conversations. And, with its @meet bot, you'll be able to schedule meetings or lookup info from Google Drive with an intelligent assistant, right from your chat conversations.


Ryver helps you organize those with its Posts tool. Select as many messages as you need—from you or others—then add a subject and formatted long-form message that expands on your thoughts. Ryver will group your message and the chat posts together, adding them to the Posts tab in your chat.

Live chat has the ability to provide the convenient answers that customers want. So live chats useing 'skype', 'facebook messenger', 'whatsup' ant other helps to contact faster, and helps for your business.

44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer, 63% were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.

Almost two in 10 live chat respondents did more than 75% of their holiday shopping online, compared with 14% of those who did not chat. A further 25% of chatters made 51% to 75% of their purchases on the Web, versus just 10% of those who did not participate in the chat service.

Chatrooms are a fun place to engage in discussion about a variety of topics. While most people who frequent online chatrooms are good people, there are some who are there to prey on or bully other people. Fortunately, by taking steps to keep your personal information private, being cautious when it comes to interacting with people you meet online, and ending communication with people who threaten you, you’ll be better able to safeguard yourself from predators.

1. Limit information you put on your public profiles. While some predators may ask you for personal information, others may stalk you and look at your public profiles to get information about you. To avoid this, limit the amount of specific information you put on your chatroom or social media profiles. Put only very general information about yourself, such as your general interests or the country you live in.

2. Do not tell people where you live or frequent. Perhaps the most important part of staying safe while in a chatroom is not providing information about your actual physical location. Without this information, people can’t physically harm you. As a result, don’t tell anyone where you live, the places you hang out, or where you go to school or work.

3. Avoid giving out your full name. Instead of using your name, try using a nickname or an alias. This way, you’ll be able to personalize your online presence, but safeguard your personal information and life. Ultimately, people you meet in chatrooms don’t really need to know your real name. Your nickname can be a version of your real name or something your friends and family call you.

4. Do not give your phone number out. While it may seem okay to give someone your phone number, that person can use your number to harass you, stalk you and/or intimidate you. In addition, they could use the telephone to get you to trust them and then manipulate you. As a result, never give out your phone number to people you meet online.

5. Avoid posting photographs. Even if your photographs don’t show street names, license plates, or other information that can be used to identify you, posting them can still open you up to danger. Photographs that show what you (or your friends) look like can give away enough information to encourage unwanted attention. Ultimately, you could attract the attention of a predator or stalker.

More info:

Let’s be candid for a moment. Any member of society who is single and eligible and says they have never signed up for a dating website, or at least had the thought to join one cross their mind at some point, is lying. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve found myself engulfed in them from time to time, with entertainment typically being my chief motivation. I’ve never had high expectations for them, to be quite honest. With all of the corny pick up lines, messages that were clearly copied and pasted to a hundred different women, and inappropriate pictures that I would receive almost daily, my initial impressions appeared to be accurate. However, am I opposed to potentially meeting my soulmate via an app on my iPhone? No. Because although I’d like to believe that one day he is just going to miraculously appear in my life, via a magic carpet or something enchanting of the sorts, I realize the chances of that happening are slim to nothing. My friends in relationships would always tell me, “Don’t worry, love will come to find you when you aren’t looking for it.” Well here I am love, I’ve been sitting around waiting for you, and you are late. Although I was hesitant to jump into the world of online dating after my last breakup (a guy who I met from a dating site - go figure), I can genuinely say that I have learned more than I ever thought I could, and I’m sharing a few of these things in hopes that I can help eliminate the negative stigma associated with online dating. 

1. Most of us are looking for the same thing. We are just like books, waiting for someone to take their time to read and understand us. While I’m well aware that many of the people you find on dating apps are there with the sole purpose to just hook up, I have found that a higher percentage are there to truly get to know more about you. It’s very possible to find love if you can score someone you have a genuine connection with. 2. It’s a great way to make friends. It’s not so easy to introduce yourself to a stranger when you are face-to-face with them, but it’s nearly effortless to respond to a couple of messages from one. Perhaps you two spent weeks messaging back and forth, and when the time finally came to meet in person, you didn’t quite hit it off in a romantic way. That’s cool - because chances are you’ve probably made an awesome new friend. I can legitimately say that some of my favorite daily conversations are with people that I was introduced to by Tinder. And yes, men and women can JUST be friends. Shocking, I know. 3. You get to dig beyond just the looks. This is probably my favorite part. While it is true that you are able to view someone’s pictures right from the start, they also have the opportunity to let their personality shine through. When you see someone in person for the first time, as much as you probably don’t want to admit it, 9 times out of 10 your first impression is based on their appearance. This new millennial method of dating allows you to see beyond just the physical attraction, and I for one, love it. 4. Trust your instincts. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I came across my fair share of less-than-gentleman. I’ve definitely seen more crude pick up lines and nude pictures than I ever wanted to, but this comes with the territory. If someone seems like a real jerk right off the bat, odds are that’s probably just who they are. I quit trying to change men after giving my high school boyfriend 8,259 chances, to which he proved my foolishness each and every time. If you get the vibes that someone is hiding something, or has bad intentions, you should probably run. 5. You have nothing to lose. What’s the worst that could happen? If you change your mind about someone after matching with them, or they end up being totally creepy (this happens often), you have this super convenient option to ‘unmatch’ them, sending them right back into the pool of crazies/potential suitors. If you decide online dating is not the place for you, it takes all of three seconds to delete yourself from an app, making it as if you never existed on there in the first place. Take a chance on digital love - you never know who you might meet. Oh, and an end note for all you skeptics out there. I wrote this post at the end of 2015. I met my current boyfriend on Tinder back in January, and we’ve been going strong ever since then. He’s truly the sweetest man I have ever met, and I’m incredibly lucky that he has graced my life with his presence.

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